December 14, 2010

Oh hi, week before winter break...BTW, you suck.

Sorry, but it's true.  Week-before-winter-break is WORSE than his little brother, two-days-before-thanksgiving-break, EQUALLY as ferocious as his half-sister week-before-spring-break, and NOT QUITE as god-awful as the mother of them all, last-week-of-school.

By all that I mean, breaks make kids LOSE IT.  Now, you might think this just means they are crazy/chatty/goofy/can't sit still for their lives...but you would be wrong.  It means all that...and MORE.  When breaks creep up, kids (through no fault of their own) lose EVERY ounce of self-control.  In every way. Case in point, my day from HELL:

Let me illustrate with some math...

Number of kids brought to tears today: 4 (see, I told you they lose it)
Number of referrals I had written before the morning bell: 2
Number of referrals I wrote later in the day: 3
Number of lunch detentions: 2
Number of kids held after school: 2
Number of those kids who decided they were going to run away through the school when kept after: 1
Number of minutes spent searching the school: 15
Number of houses the assistant principal walked to in an attempt to track down my runner: 1
Number of minutes of assistant principal's time wasted after I returned to my classroom and discovered that said runner had crept back in (and was sitting silently, doing his make up work, and refusing to talk to anyone): 30
Number of parent phone calls: 5
Number of parent phone calls during which I learned that one of my lovelies had told another student he was going to "rip his head off": 1

Number of years off my life today: who. even. knows...

It's a good thing I am already an avid hair-colorer.  These kids would be giving me some SERIOUS grays by now, let me tell you...
It will be a miracle if I survive the next three days...but the bigger miracle will be if all of THEM do!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I feel you! My kids do fine in the morning...but whatever they put in those lunches makes them psychotic in the afternoon! They just CAN'T keep it together the last couple of hours normally, let alone right before a break.


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