December 6, 2010

Weekend Wonders, or How I Finally Caved and Read (& liked!) Twilight

This weekend, I rediscovered the joy of getting all too caught up in a book.  Maybe rediscovered isn't the right word, as this certinaly isn't an infrequent activity for me.  See, when I LOVE a book, it literally consumes me.  I cannot put it down.  I'll stay up far too late to read, read it during plan time at school, even get up early to read.  Confession: When the 7th Harry Potter came out, I brought it in the car with me.  And read it.  At red lights.  While driving to work.

Another Confession:  The book I was obsessed with this weekend was...Twilight.  I know.  My English major/minor friends are cringing...Honestly, at first the book didn't appeal to me--I've never been a fan of vampires or any other horror film creatures.  I don't believe in ghost stories.  But after enough friends had talked about it over the past few years, I decided to go for it.  (It's the next topic of discussion for my little book club too)  Annnd., as expected, the writing is horrendous.  Honestly.  When I think of some of the AMAZING young adult books I've read lately, it's unfortunate to see such poor writing.  And the romance is a little too obsessive for my taste--especially in YA books, I'm a big fan of strong female leads, and Bella certainly isn't one.  I've never been one to find female characters who feel they can't survive without their leading man appealing...or females in real life, to tell you the truth!

But all of that criticism aside, I could not put this book down.  I read it in bed in the morning, at the gym, on the couch, in the car (NOT while driving!!), you name it.  I finally finished it last night (after staying up past my bedtime), and cannot wait to get my hands on the second book.  I honestly cannot tell you what captivated me so much about this book!  I really don't know myself.  But I do know that I was, like Bella, very curious about mysterious Edward, and NEEDED to know what happened next throughout the book.  I'm sure I will devour the other three books just as quickly.

Anyways, my wonderful Saturday afternoon was filled with this:

 Reading on the couch

Enjoying the snowy view from the window

Munching an amazing lunch of PB & banana toast + my first hot chocolate of the year 
(what a perfect day for it!)

Sunday I attempted my first Snow Run, and I'm not sure I will be attempting another one any time soon!!  Since I am subjected to the tread mill during the week, I decided that I might as well run outside Sunday morning for my Long Run and enjoy some sun (freezing cold or not).  Here is a recap of the run:

Number of miles run: 4 (with MUCH walking due to a still sore tibia and insane freezing winds)
Number of layers worn at start of run: 3
Number of layers I had to stop home and take off: 1
Number of tissues used (darn runny nose!): 8
Number of complete wipe-outs due to icy sidewalks: 1
Number of times I cursed myself for deciding that trekking through ice and snow would be an ideal way to start my Sunday: too many to count!!!
All that aside, feeling at the end of the run: Bliss (and relief!)

My tibia is still a little sore (I'm not sure it appreciated the extra uneven surface brought on by packed, frozen snow on the streets/sidewalks!), but I'm hoping it calms down in time to run again tomorrow...on the treadmill this time!

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