January 3, 2012

Back to School, Back to School...

Happy Tuesday!  To those of you teachers who are still off...well, I'm jealous. :)  I have to say that I loved my two weeks off.  This break was hands down the laziest break of my teaching career, if not my life.  Several pajama days. :)  I have to tell you that I was completely dreading going back to school today.  You know how Mondays have been pretty rotten in my classroom this year?  Well I figured that the Monday after a two week break would be just that much more rotten...I'm happy to say I was wrong!

To convince myself to leave my warm cozy bed and pjs at an ungodly hour, I made myself a sinfully delicious bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter, brown sugar, and a spoonful of mini-chocolate chips...every bite was ah.maz.ing.  Seriously, I know this bowl was just LOADED with sugar and wasn't exactly the healthiest start to the day, but it was good for my soul (and probably still a healthier choice than a big starbucks muffin!).
I made it to school super early to prep for the week and get my brain back in Teacher Mode (nothing worse than scrambling on a Monday morning, except maybe scrambling on a Monday after a break!).  My kiddos, miraculously, weren't too crazy and our day went relatively smoothly!  (Except for when I told them a little white lie that lunch recess was going to be cancelled...my "hook" into a new unit on persuasive writing, more to come on this soon!)  Everything went smoothly, that is, until I BANGED my knee on the corner of a low cabinet in my classroom this afternoon.  My god.  That one stung...actually, it is still REALLY sore.  This job is just plain dangerous sometimes!  Anyways, I nixed my plans for a treadmill run and came home to, believe it or not, cook myself dinner.  Shocked?  I am too. 
Three "pots" (well, 2 and a blender), 20 minutes, and the easiest dinner ever was done!  I had quinoa with (frozen) sitrfry vegetables smothered in mmmm sauce (find the recipe at mamapea's here!).  Easy, yummy, and vegan!

Now, faced with a rare free evening, I'm putting up my feet, icing my swollen knee, and watching my newest guilty pleasure, Breaking Bad.  Have you watched that show before?  Holy intensely awesome.  Thank you, Netflix instant!! 

Teachers, how was your first day back?

What's your favorite quick-cook meal?


  1. Oh I am jealous you had 2 whole weeks off!!! I had 1 week and 2 days. Today was my 1st day back and thankfully the kids looked just as tired as I felt and was able to get through the day without any meltdowns (on my part). :)

  2. Love the pic of your iced knee and slippers!
    I'm still on vacation - we got 3 weeks. This week is Furlough Days. :) :) :)
    And my hubby cooks so I don't really have a recipe. And I'm not vegan so my Ritz Chicken easy recipe is probably not for you. :)
    Take care of that knee!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. First day back - 15 minutes in and it is like you never left! Truthfully my first day back was fine. It was Tuesday and Tuesday is my easiest day of the week. It is my day I swim before school which I LOVE and gets my day off on the right foot. But man was it cold outside and there was inside recess. Did not love that!

  4. And I had the one week and 2 days too. Jealous of the two full weeks.

  5. Today was my first day back, too. I totally don't blame you for bribing yourself out of bed with a tasty breakfast. That alarm clock was just evil this morning. I got to school SUPER early, too.

  6. Tomorrow is my first day back. I hope you have a great week, Amy! Looks like you had a fun and relaxing break. I wish I could have seen you!


  7. i could barely keep reading after your oatmeal picture...seriously amazingness in that bowl!

  8. That oatmeal....looks DELICIOUS! I'm jealous!!


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