January 24, 2012

An "I should get outta the classroom more often" Kinda Moment, and Exciting News!

Do you ever have those "Seriously, I am SUCH a teacher" kind of moments?  The ones where you find yourself reprimanding strange children in Target, neatening up shelves at the grocery store, or telling friends and loved ones, "Great job!" or "I can tell you did your best"?  Hopefully it's not just me...Well, listen to this one:  When I got home from school a little bit ago and was (immediately) changing into comfies, I was thinking how my skirt needed to be dry cleaned, and how I could drop it off at the cleaners Thursday after I tutor...then I caught myself thinking, "I'll stick it in my 'Thursday Bin' so I don't forget!"
Thursday Bin?  As in the spot I stick my Thursday copies at school?  Last time I checked I don't have a day of the week bin system in my home...The thing that makes this an even BIGGER face-palm moment, though, is that a tiny little part of me totally wishes I had a day of the week bin system at home...seriously, you know you do too... ;)

Believe it or not, that geektastic moment was NOT the most eventful thing that has happened since I last blogged--this time last week my beautiful new niece was born!  I know everybody says this about their own family, but this baby is seriously gorgeous.  I am beyond thrilled about her and so happy for Older Brother and Sis in Law.  Unfortunately, they live in Florida so I won't be able to meet Beautiful Niece until Spring break... :(  It can't come a moment too soon!

Other than that news, my life has been pretty darn uneventful these days.  My Sunday 7-miler was foiled because I had the *brilliant* idea to attempt to run through 5+ inches of snow on an unplowed bike path...I made it ONE mile away from my car, thought I was going to pass out from exerting so much energy WADING through snow and fighting wind, and barely made it the mile back to my car.  Fail.  Also, later that day I managed to have an epic wipe out on an icy sidewalk, smack my knee on the pavement, and seriously jack up my knee.  It's still hurting and just not working right!  After a friend's 2 cents and some web MDing (obv), I convinced myself that I had torn my miniscus...which I still think might have happened, but it's feeling a little better every day so hopefully whatever it is is healing on its own!  Anyways, the long and short of it all is that this has become a spontaneous "Rest Week"--and it's given me an excuse to rock my Tommie Copper knee sleeve 24/7...  #attemptingtoseethegood...

Continuing with the random theme of this post, let me just share the beautiful piece of writing I had the pleasure of reading this week...it darn near brought me to tears.  Grab the kleenex.  Prompt: Write about a place that is special to you.

Check back soon for a new product review/giveaway and a post on persuasive writing/anchor charts!


  1. That writing is so incredibly sweet - you must find a way to share it with her mom!

    I hope your knee feels better soon so I can live vicariously through your runs again! ;)

    Runde's Room

  2. I have so many teacher moments outside of school. I find myself using common teacher sayings on my family members and friends, too!

    Hope you feel better!

  3. My husband's favorite comment is, "I'm not your student". :) Yes, I think we carry that teacher so far!
    The snow/wind/gunk sucks! But hate that you fell! Hope it heals fast.

    1. I get that comment as well Michelle! Sometimes we laugh together... sometimes I don't think he is being funny *oops* :)

  4. Oh my gosh...I love the writing piece. I teared up reading it. Thank you for sharing.

    Teaching in Room 6

  5. Saidly I think I should get a day bin for my home. I ahve not been "tring my best" to be organized.



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