January 31, 2012

Buying Workout Clothes = Working Out...right??

So this is a running and teaching blog...and I haven't really been writing about either!  While I haven't been running due to the ice wipe out that resulted in a banged up knee, I have still been teaching, I promise. :) Let's just say though that teaching isn't my favorite thing to talk about these days!  It's been a bit...exhausting...know what I mean??  Anyways this is going to be a completely random post, so please forgive my melting teacher brain...

After resting my knee last week, it is feeling one billion times better.  Hypochondriac jumps-to-the-worst-conclusion me had convinced myself that I had torn my meniscus and would of course require surgery...
Of course that's not the case, thank goodness!  It is feeling 99% better, and while I'm planning on giving it another week before trying running (hey, after the nonstop injuries I've had, I am overly cautious these days!), I'm trying to get myself to do some cross training this week.  I don't know about you guys, but if I get out of my fitness routine for one week, it's AWFUL for me to get back into it!  I made it to the pool Sunday, but all I did yesterday was curl up on the couch and watch 3 hours of Downton Abbey aka my new obsession...
Have you seen this show yet?  Amazing.

Today I had GREAT intentions to get to the pool again.  See? I even laid out my clothes and stuff out before I left for school, planning to come home and change right away!  Needless to say, they haven't moved...
Okay, okay...I promise I have a great excuse!  Teacher Mom texted me at 7:06am, "FYI Carsons has 60% off boots."  Well, what was I SUPPOSED to do?  Of course I emailed her immediately suggesting we meet for shopping and dinner after work.  Teacher Mom loves shoes too, so she was in!  Behold $40 boots:
Because by this point it was pretty clear that there was NO way I was making it to the pool, I figured the least I could do would be to buy a new swimsuit...and some new crops for running/yoga...before I knew it I had spent way too much money.  (Who am I kidding, this happens every single time I go shopping!  I have a problem!)
Oh goodness.  Even though I didn't make it to the gym, at least I got a stack of papers graded after school.  Tomorrow, GYM!  I swear. (Unless there's a sale on shoes somewhere else...) ;)

One of these days I'll muster the energy to talk about school...maybe...


  1. Must be the time of year....school is my least favorite topic right now. It is exhausting.

  2. haha. i am ALWAYS buying workout clothes. and tooo many other things that i shouldnt be buying. my favorite thing to do right now is to buy running stuff...even though i cant run. haha. so it definitely counts as taking the place of going to the gym in my book ;)

  3. Yeah, exhausting here too. I thought today was Thursday and there are two days left to this week, not one as I thought all day. Fun purchases though. I may shop on line tonight!

  4. Buying workout clothes totally counts as a workout. For sure.

    p.s. I miss your face. Just saying. Up for a 5k or 10k on Feb 12?

  5. i have not seen Downtown Abbey yet. However, is it similiar to Upstairs, Downstairs.

    Nice blog - like it. Just stared following.


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