January 8, 2012

Thank You! The Versatile Blogger Award

A big THANK YOU to the following people for naming me a Versatile Blogger!!!

Literacy Teacher @ Reading Really Rocks
Jordan @ Life is Better Messy Anyways (sorry it took me so long, Jordan!)
Heather @ Loose Shoelaces
Sorry if I skipped anyone!  Thanks ladies!  You are too sweet. :)  
(Now go check out all of those awesome blogs!)

The Rules: Share seven things about yourself.

1. I hate cooking but LOVE watching cooking shoes, especially any that involve a competition: Top Chef, Chopped, Throwdown, Next Food Network Star, you name it...

2. When I'm stressed, I like to organize everything in sight.  Sometimes when I'm not stressed too...I'm notorious with my custodian for rearranging the furniture in my classroom several times a year! 

3.  I love post-its, pens, and paper.  (But really, what teacher doesn't?)

4. I'm a vegetarian and tried being a vegan for 30 days in October.  It was way easier than I thought, but a gigantic pain anytime I traveled, went out with friends, or was a guest at someone else's house.  So for now, I'm just a regular old veggie still...although I'd like to try another 30 day trial sometime soon.

5. I feel like I have learned more random knowledge about history, science, and the world in general from teaching 5th grade than in my 17+ years as a student combined.  I like to throw random "5th grade facts" into conversation sometimes, my favorite being how rattlesnake fangs fold back on hinges when they close their mouths!  (Come on, how awesome is that??)

6. In real life I am 24, but I put the old in old soul and feel like my personality is at least that of a 35 year old.  

7.  Last but DEFINITELY not least, I am about to be an aunt for the first time!!!  My wonderful Older Brother and Sis-in-law are expecting their first baby any day now!  I. cannot. wait.

I'm supposed to pass this award onto 15 newly discovered blogs.  I will do my best!  I know several of these have already received the award, so sorry to double up!  (Oh, and some are not exactly newly discovered for me, but I love them anyways and wanted to share...I break the rules like that...)
Stop by them all anyways to check them out because these ladies are FAB-U-LOUS!

Michelle @ Carpenter's Corner
Steph @ Run for Fun
Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner
Stephanie @ Teaching in Room 6
Mrs. Kennedy @ Reading is Thinking


  1. Congratulations!!
    I love cooking shows, too, even though I don't cook. I think it's because I eat.
    You will love being an aunt!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. I love the competitive cooking shows too!

  3. Awww, being an aunt is awesome stuff...you will love it!!!!!
    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  4. I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger award. Please visit http://teachingmycalling.blogspot.com/2012/01/im-one-lucky-blogger.html to claim your award.

  5. I've got to try some of those blogs. Thanks for the shout out.

    And yes I love all those office supplies and so many more. A trip to Staples is heaven.

  6. Congratulations, and thank you! I am so jealous you're going to be an aunt - that is way up on my wishlist currently. I will definitely check out some of these blogs!

  7. I am SUCH a sucker for any competitive cooking show - I love it! Thanks for the award!

  8. Thanks so much for the shout out :) I feel like I learn so many random facts teaching middle school and brush up on random math skills haha
    To The Square Inch


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