January 14, 2012

Straight Up Bribery

As teacher's we learn in our education classes that it's important to intrinsically motivate students, to teach them to want to do the right thing without dangling carrots over their heads because that's what real life is like.  I'll admit it, I try my very VERY best to use intrinsic motivation in the classroom more often, but let's be real: sometimes carrots help.

Last week was one of my laziest weeks in terms of fitness in a long LONG time.  During the entire week I did make it to two yoga classes, but other than a pitiful 2.5 mile "run," that was about it!  I decided that I was going to get back on the wagon this week, and just to make sure I didn't back out, I thought a little bribery might be in order...So, I planned out my workouts...

...and perused my ever-ongoing Amazon Wishlist for a few fitness related items that I've been wanting...
...then posted a little "motivation" reminder by my desk:  
The deal is that if I complete every planned workout, I can buy myself new goggles, bike gloves, and a new swim cap (actually 2 new ones--I'm having the toughest time fitting my BUNCHES of long, thick hair into a cap.  I have a silicone one, but am planning on buying a latex cap and a silicone "long hair" cap in the hopes that one of those works a little better!).  Can you tell I've got triathlons on the brain?? :)

Anyways, it's Saturday and so far has worked like a charm!  This little deal is the ONLY thing that got me to pull myself off the couch and out of a delightful nap yesterday afternoon and got me to the gym for a treadmill run and vinyasa yoga class.  It's also what got me out of my COZY bed this morning and to the pool.  I'm also pretty confident it's going to be a big part of what gets me through a 7 mile dreadmill run tomorrow--between freezing wind and a bunch of snow, I'm thinking the treadmill is going to be the lesser of two evils...

I for sure can't afford to buy myself little "presents" every time I make it through a week of workouts, but it's something to keep in mind for when I'm lacking a little motivation!!

Do you ever "bribe" yourself to workout, etc.?

Okay, I need your help.  Movie/TV recommendations to watch on netflix instant on my phone while on the treadmill tomorrow?  I already watched Spirit of the Marathon this week... :)


  1. Totally agree with the 'sometimes you need a carrot." We are all about Responsive Classroom and the kids just want to do best etc. but it doesn't always work that way.

    I am going to earn a Kuerig coffee maker by eating better!

    1. What a great reward! I want one of those so badly!

  2. 20 days on which I both do my "ten-minute-tidy" for my apartment AND get at least seven hours of sleep earns me $20 at the knitting store. This means that I bought one measly ball of yarn in the past three months.

    And I definitely once bribed a particularly unruly group of kids with a pizza party.

  3. If I lose 10 lbs, Im buying myself some uggs. the first 10 lbs seem hard for me to get into a routine and I desperately need to.

    As far as Netflix goes, my Mom just had shoulder surgery and has been OBSESSED with a series from the UK (i think) called Doc Martin. I haven't seen it but it's keeping her "busy" while recovering.

  4. I'm all for little presents if that's what gets you going. I usually reward myself with a latte. but last week I did nothing and still had the lattes :) Oh dear!

    My Running Shortz

  5. BEST IDEA EVER. i totally need to start bribing myself to get my strength training on and NOT blow off a workout just because i cant run right now :)

  6. I've started paying myself a dollar each time I exercise and keep the money in a jar. But since I've just started and am SO GUNG-HO right now-I almost can't afford it! :)



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