January 26, 2015

How to Survive Winter Running

There are a million and one posts on this topic floating around the internet, but after toughing it out through the snow and wind on my run yesterday, I decided I wanted to share my own tips for winter running.
1. Find a beautiful place with clear paths to run
The biggest thing that helped me transition from a fair-weather runner to an all-weather runner was finding a place where I could run year-round.  Before, once snow covered my favorite trails and bike paths leaving me with only the slushy street to run on, it was tough to find the motivation to get outside.  Last winter I joined a local arboretum where the quiet roads are kept clear.  Between the amazing scenery and the opportunity to run on a clear road with minimal cars, I'm much more pumped to get out there!
2. Invest in some good shoes and yak trax
Last year I got my first pair of YakTrax and immediately wondered what had took me so long to buy them!  They're a lifesaver on icy winter roads.
Check out my YakTrax!  #lifesaver

This winter, though, I bought a pair of trail shoes.  Oh my gosh, another awesome investment!  They are perfect for days when it's slushy or icy out, but there isn't enough snow for yaktrax.  I also love how much drier my feet stay in these compared to my regular running shoes.
Absolutely love my Brooks Pure Grits.  Perfect trail shoes for anyone who likes a lightweight feel but is still looking for serious traction.

3. Get a few high quality pieces of winter running apparel
Here's what you need: Warm fleece-lined tights, thick socks (love the Smart Wool pair I got this winter), warm base layer turtleneck, light jacket, something to keep your neck warm, and gloves or mittens.
I bought this lululemon neck warmer last winter--it's great for keeping my face warm on windy days!

4. Protect your skin
I ALWAYS carry chapstick or carmex when running in the winter because my lips get so dry.  Also, moisturizer/sunscreen is a must.  Wind can do a number on your skin in winter, and the sun can still be fierce, especially when it reflects off the snow.  On super cold/windy days, though, I go one step further--coat my face with a little bit of Vaseline.  My skin was so chapped last winter that this was the only thing that saved it!

5.  Find some all-weather running buddies!
Nothing is quiet as motivating on a cold, snowy day than knowing your friends are meeting you for your miles. :)


  1. Great tips! I think buddies are the biggest one...it's so hard to get yourself out the door in the winter (especially when it's dark). Last I night I REALLY didn't want to go but the lure of two good friends was too hard to resist. Of course I was super happy I went afterwards! I also just bought a pair of the PureGrits and I love them!

  2. This gave me some motivation to get back out there and start back up with running. Great Tips! Thank you!


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