I fully give myself permission to edit this list at any time :)

1. Pay off my car
2. Get my masters and reading specialist license 
3. Run the Chicago Marathon (in training!)
4. Go on a service trip
5. Take a vegetarian cooking class
6. Learn to apply eyeliner
7. Run a race for charity (Team Up! for Autism Speaks!)
8. Take a sign language class 
9. Get Lasik Surgery
10. Try being vegan for a month
11. Try surfing
12. Get a tattoo
13. Make a budget
14. Learn to parallel park
15. Watch Schindler's List
16. Read The Waves by Virginia Woolf (my most admired lit professor's favorite book)
17. Pay for the car behind me in the Starbucks drive through
18. Run a sub-2:30 half marathon
19. Run a sub-30 5K
20. Host a vegetarian dinner party (and actually cook the food I serve)
21. Write a thank you letter to one of the teachers who inspired me
22. Finish decorating my apartment
23. Fold 1,000 paper cranes (300/1,000)
24. Donate time or money to help with eating disorder recovery outreach
25. Start a girls running club for my students
26. Complete a sprint triathlon
27. Reread the Harry Potter series in order (3/7)
28. Move out of my parents' house
29. Get in the habit of taking my vitamins every day
30. Buy an expensive (for me!) bottle of wine

22/30 complete
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