November 11, 2010

All kids accounted for, and I remembered that darn backpack too!

After all my worrying the past few weeks, we finally had the unannounced fire drill!  And get this--the kids were in PE.  I still had to wander outside to meet them, but so much for my worrying a "blocked exit"!  We made it outside, I remembered the emergency folder and backpack, and the kids were perfectly well behaved waiting in line.  Some of them were a little nervous that it was real because it was unannounced, but no big deal.  If you ask me, it's good that they can take it seriously!  While no kids were pulled from my line today, I did have the foresight to enlist a student as the class monitor of sorts--his job is to line up last, make sure the door is closed, grab the backpack if I forget, and keep an eye on the line to see if anyone "leaves it" as I worded it, i.e. is pulled by the principal or a firefighter!

Another week almost over, and with no sick days at that.  I have to say, I have been exhausted pretty much 100% of the time this week.  I am pretty excited for the weekend...BTW I had a GREAT post-observation meeting today--will update on that's time to fill out the kiddos' Weekly Reports, throw together a math lesson plan for tomorrow, and relax with some Grey's. :)

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