November 14, 2010

More Journal Gems

I made a BIG mistake of collecting all 24 journals at once this weekend to read and respond to...and an even bigger mistake of waiting until Sunday evening to start reading through them all...*shakes head* will I never learn?  I always say I'm going to collect a few each day, but between me forgetting to ask for them and students forgetting to turn them in when I DO ask, it doesn't exactly happen.  Any suggestions on how I can space them out better are welcome!

Of course, though, there were a few gems that I just had to take pictures of...unfortunately they are both from a student who writes pretty lightly so the pics didn't turn out too well, but here they are anyways.

Brings you band-aides, brings you chalk, thinks of fun games...the hallmarks of a true friend.  :)  God, I freakin' love kids sometimes!!!  Adorable.

This one just cracked me up!  She definitely has things planned out!  I love it.  And in response, I'm living my dream career!

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