November 17, 2010

Sick Days #4 & #5

You may have noticed that I've been sick an awful lot this would appear that while I am in better SPIRITS this year than during year 1, my body is not such a fan of the whole work thing lately.  You would think that since I am actually putting in less hours at school, getting more sleep, and am on average less stressed-out than last year, I would be healthier.  You would be wrong.

It was all going fine until around 8am Monday...already at school, I started feeling a little iffy.  Just not quite right.  This continued all morning, until during math I actually stopped my teaching, assigned a practice page, and sat down.  At lunch, I went to my car to lay down in peace.  (I know, pathetic)  All afternoon I progressively felt weaker until at 2:15 I walked next door to Mrs. P's room and informed her that I felt a little light-headed.  She took one look at me and walked me down to the nurse's office, who called my dad.  Who drove to school and picked me up.  I'm 23, btw, and the school nurse is still calling my dad.  Some things never change I guess?

I was pretty miserable Monday night and all day yesterday with awful achy muscles, chills, fever, and headaches.  I tested negative for the flu at the doctor, but that meant that all I could do was rest and wait it out.  Thankfully, I am feeling much better today, although my temp is still hovering around 99...I swear if it hits 100 and I can't go to school tomorrow again, I will kill someone.  I am out of activities for subs to have my monkeys do!!!

They certainly gave yesterday's sub a run for her money, as I heard from multiple teachers and the social worker...I think I can pretty much sum things up by saying she was small, soft-spoken, and wearing a tucked-in flannel shirt.  I know, that sounds mean, but she never had a prayer against my quick-to-judge monsters!!!  Yikes!  Thankfully, today's sub seemed to have her act together and I got a really positive email from her after school.  Hopefully the room is not quite as messy tomorrow as it was this morning when I stopped in to set up!

Man, if only I had a job where you could just call in sick and go back to bed, knowing all of your work would still be waiting for you the next, we've missed two days of real instruction (3 if you could the half-assed teaching I did Monday), which puts us behind, which means we likely WON'T wrap up the units I'd hoped before Thanksgiving break...oh well, so it goes.  We will endure.  For now, though, it's time to relish the last of my sick day (hopefully my last one of the, to think it's not even winter yet...), and start thinking about some plans for tomorrow...

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  1. It's awful to be sick when you're a teacher!! All that work planning for the sub, the disastrous (at times) state of your classroom when you get back, all the misbehavior...

    Sometimes I think the whole class should take a sick day if the teacher has to :)


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