November 20, 2010

Wine + Chocolate + Shoes = BLISS

Friday nights I usually want to just curl up in a ball on the couch, totally drained from the long week.  However, I think my abundance of rest Monday-Wednesday this week left me with an abundance of extra energy Friday!  That, and having a good, productive, happy day at school.  That might have something to do with the fact that only 19 kids showed up...yes, 5 absences.  I love my kids, but that small group was amazing.  Wish I could have 19 kids every day!

Too pretty to eat...well, almost...
I decided to take advantage of my bundle of energy and went out for wine and chocolate with Miss R.  Amazingly, there is a fantastic little cafe/lounge not too far away that sells the most beautiful hand-painted truffles paired with a glass of vino.  Hold me.  The company was wonderful, the conversation lovely, and the chocolate and wine...bliss.

But wait, it gets even better.  Halfway through my glass of wine, I realized a DSW shoe store was just across the parking lot, still open.  Obviously a quick walk through the massive shoe store was in order before heading home!  Which means of course, buying a pair...when you see red patent leather flats on the clearance shelf, you do not think twice.  You just buy!!

The weekend is off to a wonderful start.  Now, I'm off to school to help out at Family Movie Night.  When I heard they were showing Toy Story 3, I immediately signed up.  I'm kind of a Toy Story fan... :)  Have a great Saturday!

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