November 29, 2010

Pourquoi Stories: Class Book

While I LOVE teaching intermediate grade kiddos (I actually had a NIGHTMARE that I had to teach Kindergarten last night...*shivers*), one thing that often makes me sad is that we do way less "cute" work.  Actually, at times this is something I LIKE about big kids, but come on, every teacher likes a good bulletin board filled with cute work now and again!  Well, as promised, I made the Pourquoi Tales from last week's lesson into a class book.  The kids were thrilled!!!  We spent 15 minutes of social studies today sitting on the carpet and listening to students share their tales from the book.  It turned out great, and was wonderful to see them get so excited.  I definitely plan to incorporate more writing into class books in the future (even if just copies of expository essays or narratives!), because they get the biggest kick out of both seeing their writing in a book, and reading their classmates' writing.

Pictures (sorry for the smudges!  I blurred the names)

The Bee Story was a few more pages...but you get the idea ;)

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