November 30, 2010

Today's Little Happys :)

Today was happy because of...

 ...These cookies that a student brought me.  She wants to bring them in for our class holiday party the day before winter break (in 2 1/2 weeks...), and she and her mom wanted to give me a "taste test."  Adorable.

...And because of this gingerbread latte.  First of the year!!  I have to say, it was not quite as yummy as a pumpkin spice latte...but really, what is?

...And also because of this little guy!  This worn out, ugly frog is a new addition to our classroom.  Actually, he is a cast-off from my mom's classroom (she's also a teacher).  Teacher Mom decided he was looking a little ratty, but I thought he still had some life in him!  My kids seem to be way too old too fast, and I am forever looking for ways to keep them kids.  They like to sit and read with the frog, and I was happy to seem him perched up here with the books at the end of the day!

..And because when we took the Reading MAP test (a 3x a year progress monitoring test), almost all of my kids' scores went up since fall!  YAY!!  2 of my lowest kids actually went up close to 15 points, which is HUGE!  I almost cried.  :)  Now, just gotta keep this up until the end of the year!

..And also because I had a successful visit to the orthopedist during which it told me it is OKAY for me to be running, as long as I am taking it easy and a LITTLE pain is not becoming a LOT of pain...after which I had a successful run/walk on the treadmill!  PS- treadmill < running outside.  I miss summer...

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