November 17, 2010

Gimme a break...

I just received an email from today's sub with a VERY detailed recap of the day.  I do appreciate detailed sub notes to a certain point...that is I greatly prefer them to yesterday's sub's note that she "enjoyed working with my class!" (lies.) and "the day went well!" (more lies.) but "Mister Principal did have to come in a few times." (ahh the truth comes out...).  No you did NOT enjoy working with my class, do not lie to me Ms. Substitute...  Anyways, the notes from today were far better, although not fantastic.  But no blood was shed which is a plus.

Well, I was GREATLY amused when I read the following:  "[Student of the previously mentioned Crazy Mother] went home immediately after lunch (his mom ate with him) because 'the other students' behavior was upsetting him so much.'  He also came into school late today for the same reason because of the day yesterday."

Give. me. a. break.  In what corner of the UNIVERSE is it appropriate to a) Come into your child's FIFTH GRADE CLASSROOM to eat lunch sitting with him at his desk?  Seriously, um, deranged??  b) Allow your child to go into school late, missing valuable instructional time, because some of the students were off task the day before?  And c) pull your child out of school 2 hours early for the same reason?  Seriously, that should be illegal.  Oh wait, I believe that keeping your child out of school IS illegal...crazy, crazy, crazy.

I absolutely cannot WAIT to listen to the voicemail(s) awaiting me in the morning, explaining why it was simply NECESSARY that her precious baby not be around those unruly children, and letting me know that it is somehow MY fault that the students were behaving like that...Honey, just WAIT until your child is 35, still living in your basement, and telling you that everyone at work is "upsetting him too much" and that he needs you to come into work to eat with him in the break room...oh wait, you'll probably love that.

^I really do apologize.  That was completely inappropriate and unprofessional.  But I have been laying on the couch for 53 hours and believe I have at least some right to be a little crabby.  I mean honestly.  I am officially grossed out by this family...

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