February 2, 2011

Am I dreaming?

Just checked my school's website after hearing that other nearby districts are closed tomorrow, and was greeted by this banner:

What?  A second snow day?  Impossible.  Where am I?  What district do I teach in?  Am I dreaming?

It's true.  We are closed AGAIN tomorrow.  I have mixed feelings about this for a few reasons.  Obviously, I am excited at the prospect of a second pajama day.  Who wouldn't be?  But our winter conferences were scheduled for tomorrow, and according to the website, all conferences are cancelled.  Parents have been given instructions to "contact teacher if they wish to reschedule."  If they wish to reschedule?  Does this mean that we don't have to make up the conferences??  You're kidding.  But does this also mean that any conferences that parents do want to make up must be done on our own time?  Bleh.  Don't get me wrong, conferences are so important and I really think it's essential to get parents in and discuss what's going on with both them and their child.  But...if we didn't HAVE to endure the 7-8 hour evening conferences extravaganza...that might be nice too.  Interesting.  I'm sure some of my parents will want to come in to make up conferences, but certainly not all of them.

My other question, though, is what is the plan for Friday?  After Thursday conferences, Friday is kind of a "flex" day.  Since we've already put in so many hours the previous night, we are expected to be at school at least an hour and a half Friday to complete the weekly contracted hours, but also as long as it takes to finish any lingering conferences.  I try not to schedule any for Friday, and this year I was successful.  So...with NO conferences...do we have to come in all day?  I wouldn't mind a full work day at school.  Will they make kids come?  My gut says no because we have already given kids that day off.  I don't think they can just un-cancel school.

Hmmm...well THIS is an interesting turn of events!

Now, the question is...do I try to brave the elements and drive to the gym now to run on the treadmill?

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  1. snow day # 2?? Amaazzing. well that certainly does mix things up with conferences.. good luck amy :) !!!

    btw the band was edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. my fave song of theirs is "home"


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