February 19, 2011


I spent 4 1/2 hours this morning at a CPR/First Aid training for Girls on the Run.  Did you know the American Heart Association changed the recommendations for breaths/compressions in the past few years?  While I have been trained in CPR MANY times, a refresher is always good!  I am pretty pumped about GOTR coaching!  I have my coaches training Monday and we are starting in just a couple of weeks!

While at CPR training, we were sitting on the floor the entire time.  I have gotten into the habit of working on massaging out my calf knots with just my fingers any time I'm just sitting around...then I realized I probably look pretty weird, running my legs...oh well. :)  At least I'm not as weird as this guy:

It's from a series of Adidas ads, "Runners: Yeah, we're different."  Go check out some of the others; they're hilarious.

While last night's massage helped in a big way, there is still work to be done on my leg.  That's why I'm plopping down in front of the TV with my foam roll this afternoon!  (SO thankful for my grading-free weekend...these are far too rare and must be savored!)

Happy Saturday. :)


  1. I just awarded you with an award over at my blog ;)

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog! I teach 5th grade as well. Looking forward to what's to come!! :)


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