February 11, 2011

Staying Motivated

I have been having a little trouble keeping my training motivation up this week.  As the big race draws closer and closer (just 2 weeks from Sunday!!), and as I get more and more excited, I feel like the logically thing would be for me to be as on top of my training as ever.  But the truth is...I am sick of the treadmill and I have been just plain EXHAUSTED with school lately.  Tuesday evening I was so stressed and burned out that when I arrived at the gym to find every single spot in the parking lot FULL, I just didn't have the energy to circle the lot until one opened up, or to park at a different business and hike over.  I went home.  I should have gone home and done some cross-training on my indoor bike trainer...but I didn't.  I rested.

Wednesday evening I was planning to make up my run.  But by the time I left tutoring at 6 and got in the car...my priorities shifted a bit.  I was literally half-way to the gym when I made a u-turn and headed back to my house.  Where I proceeded to nap.  For an hour and a half.  I did manage to peel myself from my bed to jump on my bike (indoors of course), but it was a struggle.  Thursday I redeemed myself somewhat--I did actually make it to the gym and knock out the 5 miles in my training plan.  But after the prior few days of near stagnancy, my muscles were feeling it today!  I have been practically living in my recovery socks:

So sexy, I know
Have you tried these guys before?  I bought them a few weeks ago to help with my awful calf knots and soreness, and I really have felt a difference between the socks, a lot of foam rolling, and a couple massages focused on my legs.  

Two other fun reminders of how close the race is arrived this week:

This bondi band (running headband) I ordered!

I know, how adorable.  I had toyed with the idea of running in some sort of tiara (because why NOT do that if it is socially acceptable at a race??), but when I saw this headband on the bondi band website, I knew it was perfect.  A tiara that can keep my unruly hair outta my face and sweat outta my eyes?  Win.  A dream come true for this running princess! ;)

Also, I received this email in my inbox yesterday:

Better get my "glass running slippers" ready!  I'm gonna need them on Sunday's 12-miler!!  Yikes!

How do you stay motivated in your training when running is the last thing you want to do?


  1. I plan my workouts on my blog, then feel really crummy if I can't report back that I did them.
    I love my compression socks! I have some from CEP and Running Skirts and they both are fantastic. I wish I had purchased them sooner.
    Good luck in your half in two weeks! You are going to have a blast!

  2. I also post my plan on my blog and I report what I did at the end of the week and I stay honest because that is the whole point of posting it. Movie was funny, my kids loved it!!!

  3. I love the tiara band you got! I've been having a hard time staying motivated this past two weeks, mostly because of the bad weather and my dislike for the treadmill. I just try to keep reminding myself why I'm doing the training to get back out there. And planning workouts with a friend is a great way to make sure I don't back out at the last minute. I've had those moments where I've been dressed to go to the park, but have driven home instead.


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