February 5, 2011

Is that a wad of cash in your pocket...?

Unfortunately not.

Idk if this is true for all teachers or just me, but I tend to come home at night with all kinds of odds and ends in my pockets.  Usually I can count on a few paperclips, a rubberband or two, maybe some post-its... your basic desk staples.  Sometimes if it's been a big "confiscation" day, I'll get lucky and end up with some real treasures like plastic figurines, mini-skateboards, hair ribbons, braided yarn, and jewelry.  I don't intend to steal these things and take them homewith me, I swear!  I always plan to give them back at the end of the day.  But somehow I forget and the next thig I know a handful of miscellaneous goodies is tumbling out of my pants pocket as I hang them up in my closet later that night. And while I mean to bring it back to school the next day, inevitably most items park themselves on my dresser until they end up in the trash.  :(

Today I pulled on a pair of jeans and it felt like they might have some cash in the back pocket!  Score!

But upon closer inspection, I realized it was just a handful of these guys:

Major bummer:

I think the Falcon Dollars I give out as rewards have ended up all over my house.  I carry them home constantly in my purse, bag, pockets...its as though they long to make their way into the real world beyond my classroom to be spent in stores with all of the real dolllars.  Sorry guys, it's into the school bag you go.

Any other teachers end up finding random things in their pockets after school?


  1. Elmo here.
    I always find random things in my pockets after daycamp, but not as much at school. I think it's that the kids bring even more little bits of crap with them to camp, and then ask me to hold the items for them during swimming or while they're in the playground. The most common items that come home with me are gimp bracelets and pompoms.

  2. hair ties and post its :) cute post!


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