February 12, 2011

Gearing Up for the Big 12 Miler

I spent my afternoon today with my good ol' Everyday Math manual...aka the bane of my existence lately.  I've mentioned before how crazy EDM drives me, but the mid-year chapters are really the worse.  The order of the lessons just plain doesn't make sense, it teaches things the kids really DON'T need to know, and skips fundamentals that they absolutely DO.  Lately I've been dreading opening that manual because I know it will inevitably just mean planning supplemental lessons and creating tons of my own worksheets because the journal pages are too complicated/confusing/ridiculous.  Today planning was made slightly better by a delicious pomegranate oolong (spelling?) tea and a brand new pad of pink post-its.  Yep I'm a big dork.  I adore new office supplies ESPECIALLY post-its.

This evening has been spent with my good friend Mr. Tennis Ball.
Yes, I have more knots in my calf muscles.  WHY???  I'm stretching and foam rolling, I promise!  Ugh this is driving me crazy.  I'm hoping that I have managed to work them out enough with the tennis ball that I will make it through tomorrow's 12-miler with minimal muscle pain.  I know last week after making it through 10 miles I was feeling super optimistic and confident, but I'm getting a little nervous tonight...I guess it's time to blast my absolute favorite running songs, lay out tomorrow's running clothes, and tell myself over and over how amazing the run is going to be!

Exciting things about tomorrow's run:

  1. I will be setting a new distance record!
  2. Getting a massage tomorrow evening (just on my legs...) 
  3. FIRST OUTDOOR RUN OF 2011!!!!!!  Yes, you read that right!!  It's going to me mid-twenties early tomorrow morning and only going up from there!  There is going to be a wind...but I'm optimistic. :)  
The only downside is there that there are still 2 1/2 feet of snow on the ground, so I'll just be running down the street around here...we'll see where the 12 miles take me!  I do miss my running paths though. :(

Wish me luck tomorrow!


  1. Good luck on the 12 miles tomorrow! It's awesome that you will be able to run them outside - you will do awesome!

  2. I ran 12 miles yesterday! felt good to have some sunshine and be outside instead of on the Treadmill. Oh, and I was looking at pictures of your classroom...I love WRiter's Workshop. Do you know of Lucy Calkins, Ralph Fletcher, or Regie Routman? some of my favorite authors on Writer's Workshop. I'm also big on Reader's Workshop if done correctly. Have you read the book Daily Five by the Sisters? I noticed you had the Daily three up on your board...not sure if this is related. :)


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