February 23, 2011

Sub-induced Mania

^No, I'm not referring to the whole lotta crazy that tends to occur when kids are left with a sub (at least my kids!).  I'm referring to the whole lotta crazy that overcomes this obsessive teacher when she's preparing for a day off!  I think I prepare the longest, most detailed sub plans in the world.  Plus I have a sub binder that has a few pages of information on all of our routines, procedures, and helpful tips for handling certain extra-needy students.   I get fairly obsessive over just an afternoon off, much less two consecutive days.

Because I am determined to worry about the darlings while I'm in Florida (which is impossible, but I can dream, right?), I made sure I was extra organized for my sub this week.  Enter the SUB TUB:

Combine this with 8 typed pages of plans (for the two days) and a to-do list left for my two most responsible girls, and my sub should be ready for any potential disaster that comes her way.  I wonder if in a few years I will chill out a bit and worry less about leaving the kiddos?

After finally shutting down my computer and cutting myself off from proofreading the sub plans for the five millionth time, I headed to the gym to attempt a LIGHT and EASY run...you may remember that I skipped my taper long run Sunday to let my aching calves rest.  Today's run actually wasn't so bad!  I wore my super sexy hot pink recovery socks in hopes that they would help my calves stay knot-free, kept my pace sloooow, and managed to make it through 3 miles with minimal pain.

Now, this is definitely a celebration since last Thursday's 3 mile run was filled with awful leg pain...buuut it is still VERY nervewracking that SUNDAY will be over 4 times this distance!  I know, I know, I'm ready, my adrenaline will kick in, and it will turn out great.  But still.  Let this worrier get it all out now so that by the time I'm in Florida I'm nothing but calm, cool, collected, and confident.  :)  

My new favorite recovery drink:
While I'm still experimenting with yummy protein smoothies after more intense workouts, I read an article about the benefits of chocolate milk for muscle recovery.  These little chocolate milk boxes are awesome!  I got a big pack at costco, and the really cool thing is they don't need to be refrigerated.  Now obviously they're better cold, but it was convenient to toss one in my gym bag to enjoy after my run today.  Yum!

In other news...today's little happy was when one of my girls brought me this little guy:


  1. ohmigosh. my fiance is currently subbing, and he would LA-LA-LOVE you for this. Too many teachers leave NOTHING. As in literally NOTHING. NADDA. Not even as much as a post-it note.

    my mom used to sub, too. she would also LA-LA-LOVE you! :-)

  2. Oh I am so glad, I am not the only one! I finished at 5:30 today laying everything out for the sub for the next 2 days. I typed too much I think because it is well over 9 pages. I too, have a sub book. I put a tub out for Thursday with all the activities in it. A tub for Friday with all the activities in it and a tub for just center activities for my table toppers. It was crazy. My hubby teaches High School. He saw my room and all the bins and said "Whoa, I only have 2 pages written for my sub!" Ahhhh, the joys of teaching one or two subjects all day versus all 8 all day!
    Enjoy your trip!

  3. I need obsessively psycho sub notes. I even showed my kids today the notes I left for tomorrow and they were like "holy cow Mrs. Sunny!" ;)

    I subbed for a few months after I graduated until I got my own classroom and I learned that I'd rather have TOO MANY notes than not enough. My very first sub job...no notes, nothing. The teacher had literally walked out of his class two days before and hadn't been seen since! It was insane.

    This is my 5th year teaching and I STILL leave super long lesson plans because you just never know what kind of sub you're going to get in our district and I've learned that if I don't leave step-by-step directions for some things, the sub won't do what they need to do.

  4. Hooray, I'm glad I'm not the only obsessive teacher!!! I've never subbed, but I know that I for one would like the detail...

    Luckily I have a very good sub for these two days off. We have had some awful ones in the building lately, and the kiddos eat them alive...

  5. I love Costco! I'll have to pick up some of those choclate milk boxes. I've been hearing a lot about the beenfits of it as a recovery drink, too. Good luck this weekend!

  6. I HATE missing school because I'm crazy about my sub plans. They are very detailed and specific, but I have to be for 4th grade, right? Who knows what's going to come up? I subbed for a semester after I graduated and had too many teachers that didn't leave me any type of plans or work that would take more than 5 minutes. I might be a little obsessive about my sub plans now. Even my emergency sub plans are over the top. OOPS!
    I was out 3 days this week because I went out of town. My poor kids had a CRAZY sub who just yelled the entire time and didn't follow my plans AT ALL. grrr. I think that will keep me from taking days off unless it's my only option.


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