February 13, 2011

Tiring Twelve

Other possible names for this post include:
"Miles of Misery"
"Cold Face, Sweaty Everything Else"
"Ouch my calves hurt"

I just woke up from an hour and a half nap.  It was...unreal.  Amazing.  Fabulous.  Why do I not feel guilty about napping away the afternoon even though there are still papers to grade and lessons to plan?  Because this morning I ran 12 miles.  Wait, let me rephrase that...I ran...walked...shuffled...crawled...hobbled 12 miles.
Last Sunday I wrote this post about my amazing, energetic, dreamy 10 mile treadmill run.  Today did not go nearly as well.  However, I am not feeling bad about myself or my run because
a) I did the best I could
b) I believe that exercise is never something to feel bad about, no matter how well or how poorly the workout went
c) I did not quit.

^Especially that last one.  Once upon a time I was Little Miss Quits When Things Get Tough (specifically workouts).  I quit runs at the first sign of fatigue.  In fact, I would usually quit at the first time I had to walk.  Since I've switched to the Galloway Method of run/walk intervals, obviously I have gotten over my lunatic belief that walking = failure.  I have also gotten over my silly little notion that any imperfect workout is a failure.  The only time I fail myself is when I quit (this of course does NOT refer to running injured.  My tibia, gratefully, held up through the entire run with no pain.).  So today's run was a success.  No matter how miserable I felt while out there!
Today's Running Mantra
Let me recap...I was excited last night about the prospect of the first outdoor long run of 2011.  Well folks...it left much to be desired.  Since there is still a TON of snow on the ground, running on any trails/bike paths is not an option.  I had to be content with neighborhood roads.  Almost as boring as the treadmill (okay, that's an exaggeration, but they certainly lack some of the *sparkle* of the forest preserve paths I adore).  Also, even though the temperature is currently 48 degrees (??????? That's almost 60 degrees higher than it was Wednesday morning!!! Oh midwest...), it was still in the mid twenties with a light wind this morning.  I'm not really a winter girl, which is why I've been hiding indoors on the treadmill all winter.  It drives me crazy when, running, your face is freezing but the rest of your body is sweating.
The Starting Line...YAWN!!!
This run was just not fun from start to finish.  I had a tummy ache and some side stitches, one so painful that I actually had to kneel down for a minute.  Why?  I did nothing differently than the past few long runs!  What happened?  Also, my knotty calves plagued me throughout.  While they weren't unbearable while running, any time I switched to a walk I could just feel them tightening up.  As I walked at the end to cool down, I probably looked like a hobbling 90 year old.  Don't worry, as soon as I press "publish" here I'm off to subject myself to what likely will be a foam rolling session filled with tears of pain, before heading to a massage that I'm sure will be anything but relaxing.  It will be worth it though, I have no doubt.  (Side note:  I'm thinking about adding some protein shakes to my diet to help my muscles...I'm a vegetarian and getting adequate protein is a constant struggle for me.  I know many veggies who have no problem supplementing their diet, but I have always had a hard time getting enough.  Thoughts?)

After Mile 7 I stopped at home to shed a layer, take a potty break, and take a 5 minute mental break.  I did not sit on the couch or anything--I definitely would have been tempted to just quit.  But I really needed 5 minutes to just gather my thoughts and give myself a little pep talk before heading out for the last 5 miles.  I think it really helped.  I told myself that I only had 5 more miles, and 5 miles were a piece of cake.  That's what I told myself all the way through then end of the run: Just 4 more miles now!  That's 2/3 of the way DONE!  Just 3 miles left!  That's just a 5K, you can do those no problem!  Only 2 to go now!  Homestretch! 1 measly mile left!  Half a mile!  Quarter of a mile!  ALMOST THERE, JUST KEEP MOVING!!!"

And, somehow, I made it.  12 miles.  Almost the entire half-marathon distance.  My pace may have been so slow I was almost standing still, but 12 miles is 12 miles.  And I'd say, that is definitely something worth celebrating, no matter how badly it hurt.  Actually, maybe even more so because it was a rough run, because in spite of all of that, I didn't quit.

Alright, foam roll time...owowowowowow...

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  1. Congrats on finishing the 12 miles and not quitting!! That is a HUGE accomplishment. It would have been so tempting to quit given the weather alone. Way to go!

    I'm also a vegetarian, but I don't worry about protein very much. I think I eat a lot of foods with decent amounts of protein - nuts, beans (black beans are my favorite), string cheese, even some of the grains I eat are good sources. I also eat a lot of "fake meat" - not just tofu, but soy ground crumbles and Quorn brand chick'n, so I think I get a lot of protein from those foods.


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