January 30, 2011

Cloud Nine (miles that is!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make...after finally dragging my lazy butt out of bed and away from Secret Life of the American Teenager this morning, I RAN NINE MILES, a new distance record.  woohoo!!!

I was pretty ecstatic during the last few miles of the run as the numbers clicked by on the treadmill and it began to hit me that I really was going to make it the full nine miles.  I kept a slow and steady pace throughout the run before kicking it up in the last two miles when it was clear that I was totally owning this run.  And when I finished the full nine miles, I felt like a champion.  This time last year nine miles was not even a pipe dream for me.  This time six months ago nine miles was exactly that--a dream, a wish, a silly hope.  Today, it's a reality.  And my half-marathon goal is just that much closer to becoming a reality.

And now, it's time to live on this high for the rest of the day while I tackle the lesson plans and grading that I (for some reason) ALWAYS put off until Sunday...but maybe I'll watch just ONE episode of Secret Life first... :)

[BTW I almost forgot--today was an epic energy gel fail day for me.  Not only did I goo up my computer eating one before leaving for the gym, but in my attempt to be super cautious and not get gel all over me at the gym during my run, I made sure the whole opening was in my mouth for that one...and obviously cut the corner of my mouth on the sharp edge.  Cut to me bleeding all over my gym towel, looking like a fool...]


  1. CONGRATS! That's amazing, despite the gel fiasco! Now go enjoy one more (just one) episode ... i'd say you earned it :-)

  2. Haha, wow congrats on 9 miles- I've never done more than 4 but I'm hoping to make it to 5 by April this year. We shall see :)

  3. Awesome! Saw you over on Dead Class Pets. I too am a runner, but a half marathon isn't even a dream for me right now. I just run so I don't drop dead.

  4. Great job on the 9 miles!! I ran 9 for the first time ever last weekend. It's an amazing feeling, enjoy it all day! :)

  5. Thanks for the support! Janene--don't worry, I did watch...a few...more episodes. :)

    And I've still done hardly any school work...this is no good.

  6. Fantastic: 9 miles! and on the treadmill too! Great job!

    I haven't run 9 miles yet but will in 3 weeks.

    That's the fun of training for your first half, from now on almost every long run will be another victory.


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