January 7, 2011

Small Joys

In my 2010 Recap post, I said that I fell in love with teaching again this year.  I meant it--I really did.  Last year (my first year) kind of sucked the life out of me.  I talked recently with a teacher friend about what a rude awakening it was.  See, during student teaching, things went really great...like really really great...for me.  My cooperating teacher and I got along great, my class was well-behaved, the low-readers went to the special ed teacher for reading (releasing me of any responsibility for their progress), and I didn't have the pressure of ISATs  and AYP.  It was bliss.  I received a steady stream of positive feedback from my cooperating teacher, supervisor, and principal throughout the semester.  Truly, they would tell me that I was "born to be a teacher," that I was "in the right profession," etc.  I felt confident and prepared when I got hired for my job last fall.

Anyone who's been reading my blog since 2009 knows that the first year was gruesome to say the least.  And I have to say that one of the worst things was the nagging sense that I was just lost.  See, I'd been told I was born to teach--and I believed it!  And here I was, TANKING.  Literally going down in flames.

This year was, among other things, a fresh start, and a much needed one at that.  And this afternoon as I cleaned up my room, I had this overwhelming realization--I feel like myself again.  I expected coming back from winter break to be rough, but it's actually been wonderful.  The kind email from my principal Wednesday definitely contributed to this feeling of purpose.  And today I got another kind little affirmation:

Mrs. Literacy Specialist aka soul sister teacher called me after school to tell me a happy story from her meeting with the other grade level literacy support teachers.  She said that a few that are new in the building this year asked her how many years I have been teaching, and they, "almost fell out of their chairs" when she said I am in my second year.  Turns out they are very impressed by my literacy teaching, well-organized classroom, and the fact that my students "always know exactly what to do."  I almost fell out of MY chair when I heard that!!!!!  All the things that were a train wreck last year and that I have been working SO HARD to improve this year...turns out they are not only paying off, but that others have noticed.  Again, it's so rare to get validation in teaching...it literally brought tears to my eyes to hear this.

After that phone call, I left school in a completely blissful mood.  I got my papers organized for next week, copies & transparencies made, this week's papers filed, board cleaned, even schedule for Monday on the board.
I wasn't even upset that it had started snowing!  (Even though I hate winter and hate driving in snow)  In fact, I basically giggled when I opened the door and saw the white parking lot and my flurry-covered car.

And don't judge me, but the ONLY thing I wanted to do tonight (besides laying under a blanket, but that goes without saying) was go to Trader Joe's.  My big Friday night, and I couldn't have been happier. :)  Yum!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I feel so proud and happy for you, those compliments mean SO MUCH!

    you really are amazing, and you work so hard. Thank you, miss teacher ;).


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