January 10, 2011

Go away, cold!

After a whole bunch of tea today, my throat is feeling a little better...but I still have this lingering suspicion that this is just my body's way of lulling me into a false sense of security and that I will wake up tomorrow feeling like death...therefore, I'm continuing to be proactive.

My evening plans:

Yep, nothing like a magazine, cold meds, and cough drops...oh, and of course cutting out some laminate.  I actually kind of love cutting out laminate...hopefully this all is the magic cure!

New student starting tomorrow...and I'm officially out of book boxes.  I buy cardboard magazine files from IKEA and I had a few extra, but my 2 wonderfully unruly students who recently moved both managed to destroy their, so their's no hope of salvaging for the new kiddo.  Oh well!  We'll have to make due until I can get to IKEA to buy more...  Let's hope he's a keeper!

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