January 22, 2011

Sail America

In Sahara Special by Esme Raji Codell, super teacher Miss Pointy calls math class "Puzzling" science class "Mad Science" and social studies "Time Travel."  I pretty much love those labels.  Well, my kiddos and I have been engaging in a little bit of Time Travel lately...for our social studies unit on Colonial America, we've been doing the Interact Sail America, a "time travel" research project that had the kids research colonies and create travel brochures to attract new settlers.  After weeks of hard work, most of the kids finished their brochures this week.  The results are priceless:
 Such wisdom.  The printing press and firearms DID indeed change the nature of things.  Although I have a feeling neither were invented in New York...and that gun does not exactly appear time period appropriate...

Well, while Native Americans did not actually FOUND Pennsylvania, at least she acknowledged that they were there first!

 This one could only be better if it said "Enjoy our Southern Comfort."  :) 

Henry Hudson is looking pretty good these days!

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