January 30, 2011

Running Procrastination

So far this morning I have...

-snoozed my alarm at least 5 times...
-continued to lay in bed convincing myself I didn't NEED to get up quite yet...
-watched half an episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager (finishing volume 2!)...
-choked down a vanilla clif shot gel.  do NOT ever buy this flavor!!!  it was the nastiest thing I have ever experienced in my entire life.  ew.  (I have a crazy sensitive stomach when it comes to running.  I usually run with an empty stomach, or just a gel.)
-dripped clif shot all over my fingers--what the heck was wrong with this gel pouch?
-realized I had also dripped gel on my laptop keyboard! ahhhh!!
-scrubbed down my computer with cleaning wipes...I seemed to have removed most of the gel, but who knows how much seeped between the keys...epic fail.

And obviously, I have not yet gotten my butt to the gym to run.  Yikes!!!  My calf muscles are still a little sore/knotty even though I got another massage last night, but I'm going to do the best I can anyways...we'll see!


  1. Ahh, those gel shots can be kind of messy - I always get them all over my fingers when I'm running, and it just feels gross.

    So, I started watching Secret Life on netflix last night, and I think I'm officially addicted :-p I'm watching the 4th episode now!

  2. I'm glad you like it!!! It's SO addicting, and I can't even explain why!! I finished volume 2 this morning...on to volume 3! :)


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