January 18, 2011

Copying Mess

Does anyone else become a disorganized MESS anytime they set foot in the copy room?

No?  Just me?  Oh well...

I'm usually a very organized person.  I tend to pile a little bit, but I assure you my piles are very organized. :)  But somehow, when I enter the copy room...chaos ensues.  I don't know what happens!  Somehow, every system crumbles and I find myself standing in a big mess of papers, embarrassed that I cannot get my things together fast enough to let the teacher who is inevitably waiting impatiently in line behind me get started with her copies.

I awkwardly gather my huge HEAPS of papers, trying not to mix up the different piles which typically include the sets I've copied for my team teachers, the masters to be filed, the transparencies, and of course my own copies. And I never remember to bring paper clips down...nope, that would just make things too easy.

Be sure to not in the picture the particularly large pile in the front.  Hello ISAT practice pages!  So good to see you again... :-P  Oh standardized testing...how I loathe thee...

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