January 29, 2011

Good Morning!

So I had grand plans to get up this morning to get my cross-training out of the way before the gym is super crowded.  But...sleeping in won me over instead.  :) Actually, I didn't get very much sleep because I was up WAY too late last night watching my new guilty pleasure show on netflix instant...

I know.  I KNOW.  I should be embarrassed.  And trust me, I am.  Between reading Twilight last month and getting hooked on this show this past week, I'm a little concerned that all my entertainment standards have deteroirated.  If you have never seen this show, IT'S BAD.  BAD.  Bad acting, bad plots, bad bad bad.  But you know me...it doesn't take long for my addictive personality to grab onto some new guilty pleasure!  Anyways, not only did I stay up late watching this, but when I woke up way too early this morning (darn you school for tricking my body into thinking it needs to be up early...), instead of trying to go back to sleep I put on another episode.  Or two... :-/  Permission to judge.

Anyways, I am so glad it's the weekend.  Did anyone else's week just DRAG?  I feel like I have been really cranky at school these days.  I feel really bad about this, but my patience has just been a little short.  I've been feeling enormous amounts of pressure coming from so many directions at school (including from myself) lately, and it's just taking a lot out of me.  My kids have been having trouble listening to and following directions, and to be honest it's pissing me off.  I am DONE repeating myself.  I had a stern talk with them yesterday and told them that they better shape up next week, or we're starting a no-nonsense policy of immediate consequences for not listening to directions the first time.  

I will just be so happy when February/early March is over for the following reasons:
  • Conferences
  • Report Cards
  • State Testing
  • My race (not that I'm not looking forward to it, but it's going to be IMMENSELY stressful to miss 2 days of school for travel right before testing, and I know I'm going to be a stressed out mess that week!)
Plus I'm pretty sure I have an observation coming up that my principal has yet to mention...

I'm looking forward to a relaxing day today.  There is school work to be done, but I'm also hoping to swim, read, and maybe even get a massage.  I'm also looking forward to a movie night with a girlfriend tonight, and hopefully an early bed time...I'm attempting 9 miles tomorrow morning!  eeee!  I skipped my long run last week because of my leg pain, and while I'm a little sore still, I'm going to try it.  I felt some twinges of pain during Thursday's run, but they felt worse at the beginning than the end, so I'm not as worried about screwing up the injury.  The doc did say it's normal to feel pain even after a stress fracture has healed, just as long as it's bearable and not getting increasingly worse.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. I've heard that show is so bad that you just have to watch it. I still haven't seen it yet, but I didn't realize it was on Netflix - maybe I'll watch an episode or two! I am also entertained by Twilight :-/ I know it's so bad, but the books were so addicting.

    Good luck with your 9 miles tomorrow!!

  2. oh god, the show is horrific. but so amazingly addictive. the entire show (i think!) is on netflix instant! add to your instant queue asap. :)

    and glad to know i'm not the only one who got sucked into twilight despite her better judgment!!


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