January 20, 2011


I am crabby tonight.

Things making me crabby:

1. School stress. I will not even go there again, but think ISATs + conferences + school reading event I have to help the kids all prepare writing pieces for + never ending list of demands and regulations I keep getting from the big wigs in the school office = stressed out miss teacher

2. A no-grey's thursday.  I was all set to watch grey's, but then as I turn it on, I see it's a rerun.  COME ON, UNIVERSE.  This week has had me impossibly stressed out and I was really looking forward to some mindless drama...

3. Tonight's run that wasn't.  After an unending day, I headed to the gym and the run started god awful and did not improve.  My tibia was bugging me again--yes, still from the stress fracture from AUGUST.  Plus the muscles in other leg were super weird and hurting...when the tibia didn't feel any better after the first mile, I knew I was going to have to quit or risk hurting it more big time.  I'm frustrated that it's still hurting at all, even though it's sporadic and much improved from a few months ago... I listened to my body and knew that the run just wasn't meant to be, but that didn't stop me from crying in my car on the drive home.  :(  It's just one of those days I guess...


  1. I'm sorry you had such a stressful day! It really sucks that your shin is still bugging you, but it's definitely good that you listened to it and didn't make it worse. Hang in there - things will turn around again soon! :-)

  2. Yesterday definitely wasn't your day. Hope today is much better.

    I love Grey's although I think this season is not very interesting up till now. Too much Christina in my opinion.

  3. Thanks Janene and Fran! I am hoping things will turn around :) both for school and for my shin!

    Fran--I agree that this season is pretty luke warm! I haven't been into it as much, but I still can't NOT watch. :) What do you think of this whole Callie plot?? Way too soap-operaish in my opinion...

  4. I can't stop watching either :)

    We have a break now, last episode we saw was the one where Derek took Christina fishing. It will be back on Dutch television in March so I have to wait a few months.

    I agree on the Callie plot.
    And it's time Sloan and Lexie get back together.
    What I do like about this season is how Alex is growing in his work. At this moment he's my favorite in the show.


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